About The Academy

” I feel its a responsibility for everyone who breaks through a certain ceiling, to send the elevator back down,
and give others a helpful lift ” – Kevin Spacey

Having been trained through apprenticeship, the founders of Hoist Academy learned first hand the value of learning from another’s experiences and how leveraging on that experience allows one to go further and faster. We, together, have over twenty years of experience in business development in professional services under our belt and continue to expand on that experience by bringing together even more professionals to help you on your journey in all professional service related fields.

We believe that we can, together, make a difference in how quickly our professions and skills grow by sharing our hard earned knowledge and experience, and are creating a channel and platform through which we can all be able to take this forward.

You are very welcome to contact us to be a part of this initiative by sharing your experience, and sending the ‘elevator down’.

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