Hoist Africa

Hoist Africa Limited is a boutique business development and marketing consulting firm that intentionally serves a limited number of professional service firms. Our Consultants have been internationally and locally trained and have over sixteen years of experience in professional service marketing and business development in Africa covering the  Audit, Legal, Management Consultancy, Risk Consultancy, Business Support Services and Accountancy fields.

Talk to us on: hoist@hoistafrica.com

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Strategy Development and Execution: Plan your approach and follow through

In a world where change is rapid and sometimes unexpected, leaders need to be nimble and decisive when determining business and marketing strategies. We’re able to use cutting-edge approaches embedded with deep market and industry expertise, working with you to resolve critical choices, and drive value around growth, brand, client experience, and business development.

Optimize Impact: Top tier support at reasonable rates

With less time, tighter budgets, and fewer people, we use our experience in supporting Firms and Individual Lawyers  in setting up systems, processes, controls and workflows to ensure that they are obtaining maximum value from your investment in business development. We also, through our team, support in the development and implementation of business development and marketing initiatives.

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Thought leadership: Your acre in the client’s mind

Investing in creating thought leadership makes good business sense particularly if you want to differentiate your brand and give customers the engagement and insights they are seeking. Having prepared numerous impactful thought leadership pieces, materials, and communication for different areas of professional services, we are well equipped to support you in ensuring that you and your brand secure your ‘acre’ in your clients’ minds. We are able to develop a thought leadership strategy that is aligned with your go to market strategy and execute it in a manner that maximizes client engagement and generates market attention for your brand and expertise

Amplify your brand: Be heard in the marketplace

Your brand image is your calling card in the marketplace, and shouldn’t be left to chance. How clients interact with it shapes their impressions of you. We work closely with you to define your brand identity, identify key touch points, plan how to best your communicate your brand promise, and help align your organisation to deliver the best possible experience for your current and potential clients.

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Client relationship management

The success of a professional services’ company hinges largely on strong client. With years of experience in the development, maintenance of strong client relationships, we are well able to help you define and execute your organisation’s client management strategy and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Events: Create experiences that fully engage clients

With over a decade of experience in creating engaging events both on the continent and internationally, we are well able to ensure that your events give you a return on investment. We cover all aspects of event development from their strategic planning and development to execution. We are well able to help you create the experiences, relationships, insights, and delivery that add value to your brand.

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Leverage on platforms: The right way to do digital

In a marketplace of constantly changing technology, you may find yourself in a complex digital environment that is whilst important to utilize, difficult and time-consuming to manage and maintain a presence on. We are able to help you handle this complexity for you with our integrated “one-stop shop” digital and social media services. Our digital and social media team is able to craft a strategy and bring our combined skills to help you effectively leverage today’s digital platforms to promote your brand whilst still maintaining your focus on your core business.