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If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants- Isaac Newton

The reality of professional service business is that to truly meet its potential all the firm’s partners and professionals must be involved in, and successful at, business development. For most professionals who were never taught how to sell, and in a regulated market, this
is a daunting task.
Hoist Africa is helping current and future professionals learn business development and other skills they will need in our current market place.
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Mapping out the Individual’s Path

Manage your personal professional brand like a top tier firm brand

We connect professionals to the resources, experience and knowledge to position themselves and manage their personal professional brands in a focussed, intentional and successful way.

Our approach is focussed on helping individuals discover their ideal objectives and develop their roadmaps on actualising them and then coaching them on reaching their desired objectives.

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Roadmap for Students

Are you a student? Do you want to be your best before and whilst stepping into your career? Write us and we will include you in Hoist Academy’s various ongoing student programs and activities that will prepare you to be the best that you truly can be.

Write to : hoistme@hoistafrica.com

invest in the future, sponsor a student by contacting us on hoist@hoistafrica.com