Welcome to Hoist Africa

Hoist Africa Limited is a boutique business development and marketing consulting firm that intentionally serves a limited number of professional service firms. Our Consultants have been internationally and locally trained and have over sixteen years of experience in professional service marketing and business development in Africa covering the  Audit, Legal, Management Consultancy, Risk Consultancy, Business Support Services and Accountancy fields.

Talk to us on: hoist@hoistafrica.com

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Level the Playing Field

Leverage on top tier skills and experience at fair rates to propel you forward further and faster.

With over 15 years of experience building and managing top tier firms’ business development brands, departments, and clients, our team has a wealth of experience in doing what it takes to move professional service firms forward from strategy to implementation.

Book a free consultation to speak more about this by writing to us on: hoist@hoistafrica.com

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Hoist Me

What if you managed your personal professional brand like a top tier brand?

What if you had access to the resources, experience and knowledge to position yourself and manage your brand in a focussed and successful way? What if you were committed to and invested in a strategic strategy that actually worked?

What if you ran your race the best way you could?

Pursue your 'What if'
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Hoist Courses

The Hoist Academy has developed training programs aimed at building your team’s core  business development and management skills allowing you to focus on profit maximisation for your Firm. Our courses covering business development, client management, risk management, and talent management help in aligning all the Firm’s talent towards the same objectives.

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The Hoist Academy

Partner with us in hoisting others.

Hoist Academy